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Fat cat salaries

We believe that the directors of NHS Fife should be working for the people of Fife rather than for themselves. Like investment bankers and ‘fat cat’ corporate directors, NHS Fife managers are overpaid and unaccountable to their staff and patients. NHS chiefs manipulate the system for their own benefit – NHS Lothian’s waiting times fiddle is the most recent example – and yet it is us, the customer and taxpayer, who pay for their salaries and pensions.

The basic annual salaries of NHS Fife directors (Annual Accounts 2012):

  • £170,000 – Dr Brian Montgomery, Medical Director
  • £165,000 – Dr Edward Coyle, Director of Public Health
  • £150,000 – Mr John Wilson, Chief Executive
  • £115,000 – Ms Anne Buchanan, Nurse Director

We believe that managerial salaries should be proportionate to the benefits that managers provide to society. However under the leadership of John Wilson, NHS Fife has become the worst-performing health board in Scotland. It has become Scotland’s basket-case health service:

Incompetent management kills 93 patients

  • Higher than average death rates at Queen Margaret Hospital (read more).
  • Highest percentage of delayed discharges in mainland Scotland (read more).
  • Highest compensation claims in Scotland (read more).
  • Highest GP prescribing costs in Scotland (read more).

In fact NHS Fife’s gross incompetence over delayed discharges has led to the deaths of 93 patients. For further details of incompetence and weak leadership see NHS Facts.

What's the point of non-executive directors?

So far the non-executive directors of NHS Fife, who we voted for, have done little to address the above issues. They remain silent all the while collecting salaries for attending board meetings. To ensure good governance – transparency and accountability – we urge the non-executive directors to communicate regularly their views and any contributions they have made to the management of our health service to the people of Fife. (Councillor tells non-execs to stop hiding.)

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