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We are an independent not-for-profit organisation. Patients who have suffered poor healthcare, medical negligence, discrimination and managerial incompetence are dissatisfied with NHS Fife’s complaints handling system. Their dissatisfaction stems from NHS Fife’s use of underhand tactics to quell patients’ complaints which include exceeding the statutory 4 weeks response time, manipulating the Freedom of Information Act and using vague and evasive language to avoid responsibility.

NHS Fife readily advises patients to complain to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman should they disagree with NHS Fife’s responses. However, patients have found the Ombudsman and other regulators such as the General Medical Council slow and ineffectual. The complaints process is lengthened by a few more months, in some cases years, and patients are left disillusioned by the regulators’ inability to mete out appropriate penalties. Because of their limited powers, the regulators cannot compensate patients. Nor can they dismiss anyone from our NHS.

Consequently, patients often abandon their complaints altogether or take legal action. This latter option in fact has led to compensation payments of £18 million in the last three years at NHS Fife (Annual Accounts 2009-12). At FifePatients, we offer patients another direct option. We publish patients' complaints and, if justified, will name and shame underperforming managers and clinicians. If you have a complaint about your healthcare, please tell us about it.


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