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Scots men denied drug keeping Megrahi alive

PROSTATE cancer sufferers in Scotland are to be denied the drug credited with keeping the Lockerbie bomber alive, because it has been deemed too expensive for use on the NHS.


No access to prostate cancer drug abiraterone for Scottish patients

Patients with advanced prostate cancer in Scotland will not get access to a new drug which can extend their lives by more than three months.


Nurse struck off after going for bikini waxes with patient

A NURSE at the exclusive Priory rehab clinic has been struck off for having a ‘destructive’ four year relationship with a patient.


Breast implant victims could be treated by the NHS

Women with potentially unsafe breast implants could be treated on the NHS if private clinics attach "unacceptable conditions" to their removal, the Health Secretary has said.


Cardiology nurse boasted of bypassing hospital security to use Bebo

A NURSE bypassed NHS blocks on using social media at work and then boasted about spending the nighshift “fighting over Bebo”, a hearing was told.


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