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Dundee radiology patients’ appointments cancelled

DOZENS of radiology patients attending Tayside's main acute hospital have had their appointments cancelled due to "priority" issues, it was revealed today.


Glasgow hospital criticised on failure to improve

NHS bosses have been told to act after inspectors found that a number of required improvements at a hospital had not been made despite being highlighted by an inspection last year.


Incompetent nurses no longer struck off in Scotland

INCOMPETENT nurses will no longer be struck off in Scotland regardless of the harm they cause patients, a health watchdog has confirmed.


Patient’s throat cancer was misdiagnosed 3 times

A MAN who had been coughing up blood for nearly a year and whose throat cancer was misdiagnosed three times has won an apology from NHS Lothian.


Health boards fail to hit targets on cancer treatment

HALF of Scotland's health boards are failing to hit a key target for cancer patients to start treatment as soon as possible.

Across Scotland, a target for 95 per cent of patients urgently referred by their GP with suspected cancer to start treatment within two months was narrowly missed, with 94.5 per cent seen this quickly between April and June.


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