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Health complaints in Scotland up by 13%

Complaints about hospitals and community health services in Scotland have risen by 13 per cent over the past year, new figures show.


Superbug fears after hospital shamed in inspection

VULNERABLE patients are being put at risk of contracting deadly superbugs at a Scottish hospital because of dirty beds, hoists and intravenous drip stands, a damning inspection has found.


Edinburgh care home a disgrace - son of resident

The son of an elderly resident at a troubled Scottish care home has branded the treatment his mother received "a disgrace" after she was admitted to hospital suffering dehydration.


Surgery on Monday ‘could cut hospital deaths’

HOSPITALS should schedule operations on the day of the week that gives patients the best chances of survival, a top Scottish surgeon says.


John Womersley: Unaccountable NHS a let down

BIG changes are taking place in the National Health Service in Scotland, albeit less obviously and more slowly than south of the Border.

Although the great majority of people have a perfectly satisfactory experience of the NHS, this conceals the facts that the risks to some patients and the burden of waste on all taxpayers have greatly increased over recent years.


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