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Please tell us about your complaint. Did NHS Fife resolve your complaint satisfactorily? Did NHS Fife use any underhand tactics against you? We have identified the following 10 Devious Strategies that NHS Fife uses to silence patients:

  1. Delaying the response to 20 working days or longer
  2. Using non-independent managers to head up internal investigations
  3. Using vague and evasive language to avoid responsibility
  4. Providing minimal information or refusing to provide information
  5. Blaming the ‘system’ (e.g. the lack of a formal policy) as opposed to blaming a specific individual
  6. Using ‘communication’ excuses to explain away clinical errors e.g. ‘there was confusion over medical terminology’
  7. Fabricating the truth in internal investigations and correspondence to patients
  8. Inventing reasons to fit and justify past events/mistakes
  9. Referring complaints to the weakest regulator, the Ombudsman
  10. Lying about future actions e.g. ‘the Board will discuss the issue at the next meeting’

Do you have a story you'd like to share?  Then let us know!

‘Negligence by NHS Fife killed my father’

The family of a patient has accused NHS Fife of gross incompetence and a cover-up. Dick Ooms died unexpectedly at Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy where he should have received standard airway protocol for epiglottitis. The evening before his admission to hospital, an out-of-hours GP visited Mr Ooms at his home but had failed to perform a thorough examination. Consequently, Mr Ooms's symptoms were not recognised and his condition was misdiagnosed as a viral throat infection. The health board's management is also shown as incompetent and lacking integrity. The managers used a range of tactics including concealing information and confusing the facts during the subsequent and prolonged NHS Complaint.


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